Photos: Trey Songz Gets A Massive Arm Tattoo Of His Son Noah

Trey Songz tattoos his son, Noah's face on his arm

Check out the massive arm tattoo, got of his son Noah.

Since star, became a dad, he’s been showing what a proud one he is. It is always nice to see a father who loves being a dad so much. Well, just to show the world just how much his son means to him, he got a massive tattoo of the lil man on his arm.

Cool right?

Taking to , he shared video clips and photos of the new ink which stretches down his arm. The tattoo was done by Black Ink Chicago star, Katrina Jackson who he shouted out on the post. She also posted a reply showing love to his son.

Fans were shocked when in 2019, Trey announced the birth of his son with girlfriend, Caro Colon. No one saw it coming. It even got more clearer when he shared a photo of the new born in May, and we all loved him instantly.

The “Bottoms Up” singer has always stated how much he wants children. He once revealed in a 2015 interview with on The Breakfast Club that he has always wanted children. We have no doubt that he’s a great dad.

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