Pic: Former Generations Star Hugh Masebenza Reportedly Homeless

Reports circulating across South Africa right now indicate that former Generations actor Hugh Masebenza might be homeless.

A picture of him suggesting he might have been begging or leaving in the streets popped on social media and instantly went viral. Many social media users were heartbroken to see him in that state.

In the said picture, he looked unkempt and emaciated. He was said to have been spotted begging in the streets of Pretoria Central Business District.

This wasn’t the first time he was spotted in the streets, however. Back in 2015, the South African publication Daily Sun had noted in a story that the actor had been spotted in the streets.

Quoting anonymous sources, the paper claimed that the actor was found near Jo­han­nes­burg CBD talking to himself and doing odd jobs to survive.

The current state of his health has provoked a wave of sympathy, with many social media users calling on the authorities to take him out of the streets and see to his mental health.

Some of his fans have even suggested contributing resources together to take him out of the streets and see to it that he’s rehabilitated. Well, whatever should follow, we’ll bring you the details. Stay tuned.

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