Picture: Mixed Reactions As Big Zulu Shaves His Dreadlocks

Big Zulu is famous as much for his music as for his lush beard and dreadlocks. But when a picture of him without the dreads popped online, some South Africans were confused and wondered out loud if he was actually the same person. 

The interest in the picture made the musician trend on South Africa Twitter. 

A Facebook user with the name Tinashe Eugene Mushanguri shared a picture of the Inkabi Nation boss in what appears to be a crowded spot. But he stood out because the camera was focused on him. The picture showed his head completely shaved, but his bear was intact.

Some social media users say he is not handsome without his dreads, and yet some insist that he’s indeed handsome without it. 

DJ Tira shared a Facebook post where he noted that Big Zulu needed to be charged. He gave no context, so it might be a joke about the muso suddenly shaving his head.

Big Zulu himself has not said anything about the picture that’s currently trending online. His last post on was days ago, and it showed him still sporting his dreads.

If anything, the reactions to his new picture show that opinions can be seriously varied about a subject. And there’s nothing wrong with that. 

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