Picture: Mzansi Debates Connie Ferguson’s “Weird” Ozone Therapy Session

Connie Ferguson is one for taking care of her health and she occasionally gives the public insights into her regimen, from gym sessions to, well, recently, ozone therapy.

A popular Twitter account called Man’s Not Barry Roux recently shared a picture of the celebrated actress in what he called a power bank. Lol. He wanted to know what exactly the name of the subject was and what it does for the body because Connie was fully covered with the object, leaving her head bare.

Well, Mzansi was quick to come to the rescue, as some people volunteered answers to his question. What he called a power bank was, in fact, ozone therapy. The benefits of ozone therapy include reducing abnormal heart rhythm and improving the circulatory system. You can check out the post below.

Apparently, many South Africans are not familiar with such, and when the picture popped up online, it went viral nearly instantly. While so South Africans commented about what it would cost to get one, some asked about the benefits and dangers of ozone therapy. One Twitter joked that with the current load shedding crisis in South Africa, Connie might be stuck in there forever.

Well, a little humour wouldn’t hurt.

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