Picture: The Charming Moment Kevin Hart Sends His Daughter To Prom Night

Prom nights are usually magical moments not just for the “kids” going for the prom but for their parents as well. And many look forward to it with great expectancy. That was exactly the story of comedian Kevin Hart and his daughter recently.

For her prom, Kevin Hart’s daughter, Heaven, wore an emerald green dress, ambitiously cut to reveal much of her legs. The 18-year-old charmed his father so much that he shared pictures of her and him together.

In a post on his verified Instagram page, Kevin Hart noted he was just speechless about his daughter, only saturated with joy in the knowledge of what she has become. The kid who was in diapers years ago is not a stunning young lady. It was a proud moment for him.

Heaven looked elegant standing next to her father. And y’all think there can be no heaven on earth? Lol.

It turned out the comedian was not the only one pleased with his daughter. The reactions to the post as well as the one posted by Daily Loud showed that she had charmed the blokes with her elegance as well. Some ambitious blokes even shot their shots in the comment section. Can you blame them?

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