Pictured: Trevor Noah Chills With Khaya Dlanga & Other Associates Amid R33 Million Scandal

South African comedian and media personality Trevor Noah has apparently shrugged off the recent controversy over his alleged R33 million deal with the government. Now, he is out there living his best life with some of his associates, including childhood friends.

In a recent post on Instagram, author Khaya Dlanga shared a picture of him hanging out with Trevor Noah and other associates. He even joked about one of them looking a certain way.

Trevor Noah was to the left, wearing shades like to others in the picture of five persons. The picture resonated with many South Africans, some of whom commented on how quickly the former The Daily Show host had moved away from a scandal that engulfed him recently.

It was revealed at the time that a South African government ministry had reached a deal with Trevor Noah for him to post a 5-minute video encouraging people to visit South Africa. He was allegedly paid the sum of R33 million, He had denied the news at the time, insisting he never had such an agreement with the ministry, nor was he paid any money.

Anyway, life must go on, and Trevor Noah has shown that with the recent picture of him and his friends.

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