Pictures From Rapper Rouge’s Glamorous Traditional Wedding

The weekend came and left but the memories will probably be forever – perhaps until death intrudes. Well, why not? That is the reality of the South African rapper Rouge, who got married to her fiance over the weekend.

While a few pictures from the wedding dropped on the day of the occasion the songstress has added more to what’s out there with a recent Instagram post in which she is seen rocking an African print dress on her wedding.

In one of the pictures, she could be seen with fellow rapper Moozlie. In another. she is with a lady who appears to be her sister, and in yet another, she is with family. In the caption to her post, Rouge noted that she married the love of her life over the weekend. She ended up hyping an African wedding.

She should know, perhaps. After all, she has just experienced that with her man. Her post has been liked over 15k times, indicating what she wrote, as well as the images she shared, resonated with many fans. You can check out the post below.

By the way, Rouge has long built herself into one of the notable faces in South Arica’s rap universe. She sees herself as the best female rapper in South Africa, but not everyone agrees.

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