Pictures: Thuso Mbedu Relives Moments With Her “The Woman King” Cast Mates

Actress Thuso Mbedu is not only chuffed with her acting adventures but she’s also grateful for the people she has to work with, as well as her associates.

The South African drama queen is currently shooting  The Woman King alongside several other actors, including Viola Davis.

In a post to Instagram, she had shared slides with her co-stars, noting that it will be so quiet without them. She looked happy and at peace. You can check out the slides below.

Thuso Mbedu is much loved as much for her acting gift as for her personality. She has performed in several flicks, including The Underground Railway, and has been honored for her performance.

Just recently, though, she was accused of using her influence to get a friend into the cast of a flick she was featured in. but she dismissed the claim, insisting that her friend got the job on her own merits.

Well, whatever the critics might say, it is clear that Thuso Mbedu is having the time of her life acting, and she’s also enjoying the company of her cast members and happy to share about the same. it remains to be seen where her acting adventures will take her next.

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