Pictures & Video From Actor Hungani Ndlovu & Wife Stephanie’s Paris Adventure

South African actor Hungani Ndlovu and his wife Stephanie are currently in France living their best lives. As is their tradition, they are keeping their fans updated through social media posts.

From tee reactions to what they have shared so far, it is obvious that fans are pretty chuffed with them, lapping up every share like there is nothing else worth doing.

From the caption to their most recent post, it was clear the couple flew to France to watch the final of the Rugby World Cup between South Africa and New Zealand. The Springboks eventually bested their Maori rivals, clinching a historic win that provoked jubilation in the Rainbow Nation.

For Hungani Ndlovu, though, there was more to attending the match, as the win spilt to celebrating his wife Stephanie’s birthday in France as well. Hungani shared several slides, one of which showed him showing off the South African flag. You can check out the post below.

He had the attention of many South Africans with that post, some of whom celebrated the beauty of his relationship with Stephanie.

Hugani are Stephanie are pretty young and easily among South Africa’s favourite couples. They share a deep bond which manifests all the time in their YouTube videos.

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