Pictures & Videos: Icebolethu’s Nomfundo Mcoyi’s Expensive Destination Wedding In Bali

They said husbands will be scarce in 2023. One person who has clearly not tasted that scarcity is Icebolethu Funerals boss Nomfundo Mcoyi. Her story wouldn’t have been too interesting, except that she had been married thrice and her latest wedding – which has captured the attention of the Rainbow Nation – is her fourth.

The wedding had taken place in Bali with an exclusive guest comprising just 120 individuals. The pictures and videos from the vents are currently circulating online. And from the reactions so far, it is clear South Africans are impressed.

From looking at the pictures alone, some tweeps have already described the event as the wedding of the year. If you missed out on it all, you wouldn’t have much to bother about as pictures and videos from the event are right here. Check them out.

Some South Africans joked that business must have been pretty good for Mcoyi for her to not only have a destination wedding in the holiday resort of Bali but to have flown (allegedly) 120 guests to Indonesia for the event.

And yet others expressed the hope that this wedding will actually be permanent – until the lovers are old and worn. Anyway, Mcoyi was happy and still is. Some solidarity.

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