Piers Morgan Calls Prince Harry A “Money-grabbing Celebrity”

Famous British media personality Piers Morgan calls Prince Harry a money-grabbing celebrity while reacting to his nomination for the Pat Tillman Award for service.

According to a recent report by The South African, British media personality, journalist and broadcaster Piers Morgan shared a written column for the New York Post on July 1st where he reacted to Prince Harry’s nomination for the Pat Tillman Award for service.

The famous outspoken presenter slammed Harry’s Pat Tillman nomination for service. Us Weekly writes that Tillman was a former star safety for the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals, who was killed during combat while working as a US Army Ranger in Afghanistan in 2004. The award recognizes a person with a strong connection to sports who has served others in a way that echoes Tillman’s legacy.

According to The South African, Prince Harry is set to receive the award at the 2024 ESPY Awards on 11 July. But his nomination did not come without backlash. Reacting to it, Morgan wrote about Harry giving up serving his country to only serve himself.

“Pat Tillman is an American hero” and called Harry, “A man who gave up serving his country to serve himself.” He also labeled him a “greedy, money-grabbing celebrity” who hasn’t earned his titles.

“A man who so little understood the meaning of the word ‘duty’ that he swapped his job working for the public as a member of the British Royal Family for life in California as a greedy, money-grabbing celebrity trading off royal titles he does nothing to earn.”

He added that, “Pat Tillman will be turning in his grave at this dishonoring of his name.”

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