Pinky Girl Says Speaks Of Lessons From Bonang Matheba Ahead Of YouTube Channel Launch

A while back, the cousins Bonang Matheba and Pinky Girl were thought to have a tiff, with Queen B allegedly insinuating that Pinky Girl would not be joining her on a trip to the United States because she had refused to be vaccinated. And then, she had reportedly jetted out of the country without Pinky.

Contrary to what many may be peddling out there, it appears all is cool between Pinky Girl ad her cousin. This much should be apparent from her words during a recent interview with Kaya FM.

Pinky Girl, who is launching a new YouTube channel, credits her cousin Bonang with teaching her the game and how to navigate the world of show business. A key to success in that area is consistency – something she is happy to have learned from Bonang.

There is great excitement about the launch of her channel. Apparently, fans can’t wait for things to pick up properly and to see Bonang on the channel as well. They are asking to see Bonang on Pinky Girl’s show on YouTube.

Given the bond the two ladies share and the consistency of the demand to have Bonang on Pinky Girl’s show, it wouldn’t be long before fans have their dream of seeing the House of BNG boss on the show fulfilled.

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