Pioneer DJ Premieres The OPUS-QUAD, A Revolutionary All-In-One DJ System

For disc jockeys around the world, there is a new offering on the table that would make the DJ business a whole lot easier, courtesy of Pioneer DJ, one of the top makers of DJ equipment.

In an ambitious move that would excite many musicians out there, Puoneer DJ had announced the arrival of a new DJ system called the OPUS-QUAD. “Opus” because it is one of the finest offerings from the brand, and “Quad” because it can do so much – way more than previous offerings from the brand.

For Instance, the OPUS-QUAD offers Standalone 4-deck playback for versatile DJ performances, which means that a DJ can do more with the new machine – more than was possible with previous offerings.

There is also support for multiple media sources to match different playing styles. This means that whatever your playing style, the new DJ system has got you covered and you can roll with it wherever and whenever without hitches.

In the DJ business, transition is particularly important, and it even determines how skilful a DJ is. The OPUS-QUAD makes this a breeze thanks to its rapid and accurate track search. You certainly won’t be lost with this one. The video below walks you through the new offering.

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