Play Music Is Shutting Down But You Can Transfer Play Music to YouTube Music

Play Music is shutting down and Google is offering users the option of transitioning their music libraries to YouTube Music.

Although the full roll out of the YouTube tool will take several weeks to materialize, the platform is now offering users the opportunity to sign up for early access.

The transfer is a one-step easy process that involves just tapping the “Transfer” icon on YouTube Music. Once the platform is up, PlayMusic and YouTube music will prompt you to do the transfer and the user will receive a message.

The Youtube Music transfer can be initiated multiple time from the settings options on the music platform. Also if changes are made on your Play Music App at any point in time, you will also be able to move your Play Music’s podcast subscription to Google Podcasts.

Google revealed at the launch of the platform that the music transfer tool with take weeks to be made available to every user. The platform also gave the option being able to access it earlier by signing up for it, through a form provided on the platform.

The YouTube platform team also pointed out that it’s not everybody who signs up that will get early access to the transfer tool. You can sign up here:  early access

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