Playwright Mbongeni Ngema Applauded In Death For His Bold Admission About Women

Burials and memorials are usual times for reflections from the living about the dead. The burial of the late South African dramatist Mbongeni Ngema was one example from the South African side.

During the burial, the late dramatist was applauded for having owned up to his relationship mistakes while alive, including being a woman abuser. That is a big deal in a country where gender-based violence is prevalent.

His admission was especially significant because not everyone would want to share that they are guilty of abusing their partners in the relationship. But he took the risk of coming clean.

Mbongeni Ngema died in an auto accident recently while returning home from a burial. While his family has not gone into details about his death, multiple reports point to his car having collided with a truck, resulting in his death.

His death was as shocking as can be imagined, and many South Africans are having a hard time processing it. Given the impact he made culturally in South Africa, the local authorities decided to honour him by taking care of his burial.

The decision to honour him with a “state” burial got a big nod from many South Africans, who believed he deserved it.

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