Podcast On Witchcraft: Gogo Maweni Shocks Fans With Revelation On Sex Rituals Done By Slay Queens

Gogo Maeni continues her revelations about witchcraft, with South Africans seemingly intrigued by it all and expecting her next dose of revelations.

The controversial sangoma is gearing to launch a podcast on witchcraft and has been priming fans for all all, one revelation at a time. In a recent post on her Instagram page, she had shared slides of herself posing with a skeleton while also notifying her fans that the purpose of the podcast is to educate and give solutions.

In a follow-up post on her socials and one in which she actually gave fans a trailer of the podcast she promised, she shocked them when she revealed the spiritual dimensions of sex with random people and even slay queens.

According to her both men and women do rituals. In the case of a woman, a snake is usually inserted into her body spiritually, and it is this snake that sleeps with men when they actually have sex with her. You can check out the video below.

Her claims might not be silly, after all, because a similar claim has been made years ago by different former occultists who turned to Christ, including Charles Azonwu and Iyke Nathan Uzorma.

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