PodcastnChill Appearance: Sindisiwe Manqele Recalls What Happened On The Night She Killed Flabba (Video)

Sindisiwe Manqele is in the eyes of the public – again. And it still boils down to how she killed her musician boyfriend Flabba several years ago during an argument.

She spoke about that fateful day and more during an appearance on Podcast and Chill with MacG. She confirmed killing her man but also noted it was never her intention to do so. “It was a mistake.”

Sindisiwe Manqele had the chance to speak on the subject only because she is now on parole after several years in prison. It is like taking on life afresh, especially so because, throughout the trial, she hid her face with a scarf. Only after the trial and her release on parole did she reveal her face doing away with the scarf.

During her trial, she claimed that she stabbed Flabba, a veteran rap collective Skwatta Kamp member, in self-defence. But the court had ruled that she murdered her man.

Speaking to MacG, she noted that on the day of the murder, both of them had gone out and returned home tipsy. An argument had ensued along the line, and things had escalated fast.

Her statements during her appearance on MacG’s podcast appeared to have divided social media, though, with some tweeps claiming that she didn’t appear to be remorseful for her actions. Others thought she was actually sorry for what happened that day.

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