Police Suspect Drug Overdose In Pearl Shongwe’s Tragic Death

Theories have been flying around as to what could have caused the death of South African media personality Pearl Shongwe, with the most recent being a police statement that she could have died of a drug overdose.

Pearl Shongwe, 35, was found dead at her north Johannesburg home last November, igniting a wave of mourning across South Africa, as well as questions about what could have caused her death. There were no answers at the time, but it appears like the police might have gotten a lead – and readily ruled out foul play in the former Metro FM host’s death.

A detective who is part of the investigation but remains unnamed to protect his identity reportedly revealed that in the course of searching for leads to unravel the case, drugs were recovered from the media personality’s bedroom, and the police are investigating the possibility she might have died of a drug overdose.

While a drug overdose is suspected as the cause of death, only a toxicology report can determine if it was indeed the cause of death. The radio presenter was discovered dead in her bedroom after her family forced their way through her bedroom window when she failed to respond to calls

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