Popular Reality Show Papa Penny Ahee Renewed For 5th Season

The Papa Penny Ahee reality show has been renewed for its fifth season, and fans of the show are excited to see it continue. Well, they should be, given the comic appeal of the show and the man behind it, a man who also stands out for the flamboyance of his hairstyle.

The show may have been renewed, but it was earlier reported that Papa Penny, the man behind the show, wasn’t keen about it continuing.

According to reports, the fifth season will most likely air in 2022 because, at the moment, Papa Penny and his crew are busy filming the season.

The Papa Penny Ahee reality show is very popular in South Africa and has opened the man behind the show to a much wider audience, as well as increased his popularity in the Rainbow Nation.

The show airs on the Mzansi Magic network and takes fans through the life and plans of the popular Tsonga musician. A happy polygamist, Papa Penny has 17 children.

Will the imminent fifth season of the show do similar numbers a previous seasons? It would be interesting to see what happens in the fifth season of Papa Penny Ahee. Stay tuned for updates if you please.

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