Positive Call Outs For Tri-Lingual Murder Mystery “Donkerbos”

For lovers of murder mystery, there appears to be something appetizing in the pot from which they can help themselves right away: Donkerbos. It is currently streaming on Showmax.

Set in Limpopo, this flick brings to life the story of a serial killer.

An ostracized detective had to wrestle her own demons and try to locate the killer of six children after their bodies were discovered in the backwater called Donkerbos.

from the reactions so far, it is clear that both the critics and the fans are chuffed with it, cinematic brilliance and all.

TVPlus’s Elri Boucher is one of those deeply impressed with the flick, and he has not been sparing with the accolades. As far as the film critic is concerned, Donkerbos is nothing short of a “cinematic masterpiece” – obviously something that would not only snap attention but retain the same.

The critic Leon van Nierop shares a similar view, In his assessment of the Showmax flick, he was just as generous with his praise, describing the film as “innovative and dazzling.” Out on social media streets, the reception has been just as rapturous.

Donkerbos has the potential to keep viewers on the edge of their seats – a testament to its creative appeal. Peek a teaser below.

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