Post-Ricardo: Check Out Zodwa Wabantu’s New Lover (Photo)

When it comes to love, controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu is not one to waste her time. She goes for what she wants and when things don’t work out, she bails and continues her life – with a new lover.

That’s the current reality of the controversial dancer. She and her former lover Ricardo had a falling apart and she wasted no time moving on with a new man.

The men she has been with so far are called “Ben 10” because they are way younger than her. Yeah, she prefers them young and reportedly pays them for the coital contributions they make to her life.

Her newest lover, though, remains a spectral figure. She readily admits that she has broken up with Ricardo and now has a new lover whom she didn’t name. This was in a recent conversation with Sunday World.

In a new post on Instagram, she shared a picture of herself and her new man, taking the trouble to show only their backs in the picture, as seen below.

It’s unclear why she’s hiding his face, seeing as she never hid the face of Ricardo when she was in a relationship with him. Well, time will tell how long her new lover remains hidden.

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