President Cyril Ramaphosa On The 45th Anniversary Of Steve Biko’s Death

He left a legacy that hums to this day. So when peeps start talking about Steve Biko, an anti-apartheid crusader who died fighting the racist regime, no student of South African history would be surprised. 

It’s exactly 45 years since Steve Biko died, and the Rainbow Nation continues to memorialise him for the role he played in the eventual emancipation of blacks in South Africa. 

To commemorate the 45th year of Steve Biko’s death this year, President Cyril Ramaphosa urged South Africans to tap into the legacy of the activist who died at 30 in Pretoria Central Prison. 

Preside t Ramaphosa urged his compatriots to recall Steve Biko’s call on fellow South Africans to be the architects of their own liberation. 

The president also delves into what his government has been doing to continue the legacies of those who fought for the freedom of blacks and the abolition of apartheid. He pointed at the financial aid scheme for students, among others. 

By the way, while Steve Biko might be dead and apartheid abolished, some tweeps still feel not much has changed since then and that racism is still prevalent in South Africa. And yet, for others, this is not the South Africa they fought for. 

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