Priddy Ugly And Bontle Share Clip Of Daughter Lerato’s Birth

and Bontle are clearly enjoying their new phase as parents. So beautiful was the process of conception and even birth of the child that the couple relives the moment of her coming long after she was born.

The child is named Lerato

A day ago, took to to share a clip of his daughter’s birth, describing the moment as the most important in his life and in the life of his love Bontle Modiselle.

In the clip, we find Bontle recumbent on the bed, her face radiant with a lavish smile, while surgeons hovered around her. She looked so beautiful! Well, for a fitness freak, who vowed to dance until she gave birth – and actually did – one is not surprised.

The footage of their daughter’s birth might provoke longing in the breasts of just about anyone who desires a child. It was glorious, really, and. The shared clip has been receiving massive love from fans of the couple.

By the way and Bontle, grouped as RickJade, were part of the “Family Feud” show recently, which has been massively commended. The show, hosted by American comedian Steve Harvey, had three of Bontle’s sisters as part of the cast.