Priddy Ugly Explains Delay In The Boxing Match With Cassper

The potential boxing match between rappers and has been the talk of Mzansi for a while now after the pair agreed to slug it off in the ring.

But the match has been delayed. In a series of tweets, had given details on why the two are yet to hit the ring, noting they have a 35KG weight difference and Cass has to lose some weight for the who thing to kick off.

The conversation about the weight disparity started after Cassper shared a clip of him training on Twitter. In the caption, he tagged and noted that the latter had begun training for the match. He urged Priddy to train harder because he’s coming for a knockout.

In reaction, had noted that the Family Tree boss was over 30KG heavier. He even revealed that Cass had ducked fights with and Big Zulu and merely picked him because he thought he would have it easy.

In a series of tweets, he also gave more details about the fight and why it had been delayed. In the last of the tweets, he indicated that the contract for the match had been sent to Cassper’s inbox, insisting he’s ready.

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