Priddy Ugly On Claims He Dissed 25K On His “I Can Bet” Song With Tyson Sybateli

Did South African rapper Priddy Ugly dis his compatriot and fellow rapper 25k on his “I Can Bet” Song with Tyson Sybateli? Well, some South Africans think so. And they have made this known in posts on social media.

Well, after what should pass for a brief silence, the songster has addressed the claims in a tweet. Taking to his official X account, Priddy Ugly dismissed claims of the song being a diss, insisting that there is nothing of the sort.

He went on to note that it is the fans who often incite conflict among musicians, causing enmity where none existed previously. He blamed this attitude for the sorry state of South African hip-hop at the moment. You can check out his post below.

It turned out many South Africans shared his thoughts on the damage fans can cause to the relationship between rappers and how it ends up affecting the culture back home.

If you haven’t listened to the song that people assumed was a diss directed at 25k, you may want to check it out and determine things for yourself. Priddy Ugly has addressed the claims, but it is not in his power to determine people’s reactions to his response.

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