Priddy Ugly On Dissing A-Reece In “Soil” Album

Things aren’t really pretty ugly for rapper Priddy Ugly. In fact, the songster found himself on the trending list in Mzansi following the release of a diss track directed at A-Reece.

The said track is part of the songster’s “Soil” album which premiered on Apple Music and other platforms yesterday Wednesday July 28.

On why he decided to do a diss track against A-Reece, who’d apparently not dissed him previously, Priddy Ugly, writing on Twitter, stated that his producer friend who had come to see him asked that he add one more song to his “Soil” album before releasing it.

The diss track was obviously an afterthought. But it appears to be rooted in something not stated. Priddy Ugly gives a clues when he tweeted that sometimes the nice blokes out there gotta slap people just to make it clear being peaceful is a choice.

His tweet elicited mixed reactions. While some fans praised his “Soil” project, some thought the bomb thrown at A-Reece was an attempt to deflect attention from the “reality” that his wife is now the one providing for the family.

Well, what do you think? You can listen to the “Soil” project below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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