Priddy Ugly On Zimbabwe Being Among His Spotify Monthly Listeners’ Top Countries

Streaming platform Spotify gives artists around the world a platform from which people from any part of the world can access their music and podcasts. It also gives creators insights into how well their music is doing in particular regions of the world.

The higher the number of listeners from a particular region, then the higher the percentage or number of fans from there. Well, South African rapper Priddy Ugly has just found out that Zimbabwe is in the second spot, next to South Africa, in the list of countries where he gets the highest streams.

Seeing the proximity between South Africa and Zimbabwe, the numbers may not be surprising, but they mean a lot to Priddy Ugly, who wasted no time showing appreciation to the people of Zimbabwe for supporting his music.

In a post on his official Instagram Story, he had shared the stats, showing Zimbabwe in second position in the position among the top streaming countries in the past 28 days. He appreciated them for their support in the same post, which you can check out below.

Priddy Ugly On Zimbabwe Being Among His Spotify Monthly Listeners' Top Countries 2

By the way, Priddy Ugly recently informed the world that he will be retiring from music after releasing what he calls his last studio album.

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