Priddy Ugly Opens Up About His Experience During Kendrick Lamar’s Hey Neighbour Performance

SA Hip Hop star Priddy Ugly has opened up about his experience during American rapper Kendrick Lamar’s Hey Neighbour Festival performance.

There is a good reason why Kendrick Lamar has been trending for a while now. The famous emcee hit the Hey Neighbour Festival stage and gave one of the best Live performances Mzansi has ever seen. Fans cannot stop talking about it. Of course, our local celebs were also blown away.

Taking to his social media page, “SOIL” hitmaker Priddy Ugly also opened up about his experience at the festival during Kendrick’s performance. He revealed that he and his people opted to be in the crowd while he performed and shared how wild it got. He wrote,

“Me & my people had VIP tickets/tags for the Kendrick show, but decided that we wanted to be in the general crowd, it wasn’t easy, it was messy, had to check so many gents ‘bout pushing & shoving the women around us.”

“I saw more cellphones screens & alcohol cups than I saw Kenny. Had more interactions & engagements with people, than I heard the music. 1st time in crowd at a concert in years, but a dope experience nonetheless. S/O to all the people I met, who had nothing but love & good energy to share.”

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