Priddy Ugly Speaks On Alleged Diss track

Priddy Ugly thinks some South African rappers are afraid to respond after some members of the public insinuated he had dissed them in some of his tracks.

The songster was speaking as a guest on Radio with Ms. Cosmo and Scoop Makhathini. On his track “Handful of Dust,” which many assumed was a diss track aimed at and other South African rappers, the songster stated it was actually meant to shake rappers from the lethargy they had fallen into.

He described himself as a grown man and that he would never seek validation from anyone, let alone the people the public assume he’s dissing in his track. He also added that he was trying to bury the narrative that he can’t rap.

If they said he can’t rap, the only way to disprove that is to show that he can. And he did just that in his recently released “SOIL” album, the eponymous track of which popped on the charts in South Africa.

Priddy Ugly also admitted he wanted to put pressure on fellow artists to more so as to erase the current narrative that South African is dead. With artists spitting the bars out there, the death narrative cannot be sustained.

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