Priddy Ugly Tells Aspiring Artists To Stop Sharing Their Music With Their Favourite Artists

SA Hip Hop star Priddy Ugly has advised aspiring artists to stop sending their unreleased music to their favourite artists for feedback.

Priddy Ugly has been in the game longer than most, and he has learned a thing or two. The famous rapper shared words for aspiring artists to inspire them to trust their instinct and make music that appeals to them.

He adviced them to stop sending their unreleased music to their favourite artists for feedback. “I just want to share a little bit of my two senses, take it or leave it, it doesn’t really matter. This is directed to many aspiring musicians, I know a lot of you guys send your music to some of your favourite artists, producers managers, etc. Hoping for some feedback, or hoping that they will like your music and I say this respectfully, like what the f*ck I think about your music doesn’t matter and it shouldn’t matter to you.” Priddy said.

He continued, “Im not the audience, Im not the one who’s going to be coming to your shows, showing up for the merchandise, voting while you are campaigning or staying up until midnight downloading music. You should focus on making music that you are actually really proud of and a fan of.

“Even if you get a small group of friends to like the music and you want to find they like the music, work on building your core audience. What another producer or artist thinks about your music doesn’t actually matter because that producer or artist is focusing on themselves and focusing on making an impact, the same way you trying to make an impact. So f*ck them n*ggas, I say that respectfully, focus on yourself, and let’s go.”

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