Priddy Ugly’s Anticipated Return: “NTJA’KA” Drops Soon

Featuring Maglera Doe Boy and Production by Mashbeatz

Priddy Ugly’s Anticipated Return: “NTJA’KA” Drops Soon

Priddy Ugly has officially announced the release date for his much-anticipated single, “NTJA’KA.” The track, which features the renowned SA rapper, Maglera Doe Boy, is set to drop on Friday, 29 September 2023.

The collaboration is not just limited to vocals. The single boasts of production by one of the most influential figures in South African hip-hop, Mashbeatz. This combination of talents is expected to bring a fresh and dynamic sound to the airwaves.

Priddy Ugly’s announcement on Instagram highlighted his return after a year-long hiatus from releasing music. The rapper’s confidence in the upcoming track is palpable, as he expressed his belief that “NTJA’KA” will not only meet but potentially exceed fan expectations. His post read, “AFTER A YEAR OF NO RELEASES, I’M BACK WITH ANOTHER ONE – A BIG ONE.”

The anticipation for this track has been building for some time. Priddy Ugly acknowledged that he had been teasing the song for an extended period, leading fans to eagerly await its release. Their patience is about to be rewarded as the track is now set for its official debut.

But that’s not all. Adding to the mounting excitement, Priddy Ugly has also hinted at releasing an album this year. Given that “NTJA’KA” is his first single in over a year, fans are keen to see if this marks the re-ignition of his creative spark and whether he will follow through with his album promise.

In his recent interactions, Priddy Ugly sought feedback from fans, asking for their thoughts on potential features, producers, and more for his upcoming projects. With such engagement and the imminent release of “NTJA’KA”, it’s clear that Priddy Ugly is gearing up to make significant waves in the music industry once again.