Priddy Ugly’s Big confession About His Lyrics

South African rapper Priddy Ugly has made a stunning revelation. Apparently, he sometimes has difficulty remembering the lyrics of his songs.

He made this revelation in a tweet on his official X account. By his own admission, he needs to brush up on his freestyling abilities, as he is having serious trouble remembering lyrics he peened years ago. Even the numbers he performed years ago, he has a hard time remembering them.

For those who might think it has something to do with the bottle, he pushed that aside, noting he has been clean for a while. So what could be the source of the problem? He has no idea at the moment. You can check out the post below.

Actually, the issue he confessed to here is nothing novel. Musicians forget their bars now and then. And some of them, like Marican rapper Eminem, even take the trouble to Google their lyrics so they don’t repeat them.

It is unclear how long the problem has been for Priddy Ugly. But his admitting to the issue has led to many suggestions from fans on how to overcome it. it will, of course, be a big win for the culture if he should overcome the problem.

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