PRIME Energy Drink Hits Checkers Shelves For R39.99

it has been said that where there is serious competition, prices are bound to crash, and we have just seen this manifest in South Africa’s business climate, with Checkers recently offering PRIME, the much-hyped energy drink, for R39.99.

You can forgive the brand for its psychological pricing and just focus on what it had done for lovers of the drink. it may not have been much – the decision to sell at R39.99 except that PRIME was selling for almost R1000k at some shops across South Africa.

Records show that TakeAlot used to sell it for R650, while the Clicks sold it for R70 and even retained the price amid popular demand.

PRIME was produced in the United States and became very popular in no time, snagging market spots beyond its country of origin,

Checkers appeared to have ignited more interest in the PRIME offering with its price, which many people have described as not only encouraging but a strong motivation to want to check out the drink and find out for themselves if it is worth the hype.

The energy drink comes in several flavours, including grape, orange, blue raspberry, and lemon-lime. If energy drinks are your thing, you might want to hit Checkers for your PRIME fix.

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