Prince Bulo Hopes He Can Recreate A Song He Dreamt Of

Prince Bulo is hoping he can recreate a song he heard in his dream

Prince Bulo hopes he can recreate a song he heard in his dream.

Guys, Prince Bulo might have the song of the decade in his hands. That’s if he can truly remember what it sounds like and recreate it. From what we hear he’s trying his best.

You must know, it came to him by supernatural means. The Mzansi hit maker recently shared a story on Instagram saying he dreamt of a song which practically healed and changed the world. According to him, he heard the melody, saw people fall in love with it and also get healed by it.

He also said many forgot their problems after listening to song, and fell in love because of it. Nations were united by it, and it also helped him cross many seas. He says he still hears it in his head and hopes he can recreate it exactly the way it sounds. We can’t wait to hear it.


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