Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Tea Time With the Queen Raises Hopes of Royal Reconciliation

Not long ago, the internet was inundated with news of Prince Harry’s split from the royal family. So numerous and varied was the reporting back then that it was difficult what to believe.

The intervening months, however, have seen to what may as well pa’s for reconciliation and new bonding. 

First off, Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle had named their newborn daughter after the queen (with a nickname she bore as a kid). 

With the couple’s recent meeting with the queen, things may well be on the path to normal again. 

Prince Harry gave a clue into that when he noted during a recent interview that having tea with the queen was “great” after her recovery from COVID-19. By the way, at the time she caught the virus, word had circulated that she had died and that a funeral was underway. The claim was soon disproved. 

Prince Harry’s and Megan’s meeting with his 95-year-old is significant for many reasons. First off, it was the royal couple’s first public get-together acrimonious split, which reverberated across the world back then. 

The tea time with the queen has supercharged optimism that all is well in and with the Firm, although one of them had ditched his cerise robes in a moment of disagreement. 

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