Prince Kaybe Shares Picture Of Adorable Son, Drops Advice For Him

South African disc jockey and producer Prince Kaybee has provoked excitement in sections of social media after he shared a picture of himself and his son at home. In the caption to the post, he left some advice: the kid must learn to play at least one instrument in his life.

Mzansi was in raptures over the picture of father and son and the bond they seem to share. In the picture, it appears like the kid was playing with a toy piano but had his focus on his father, who was staring at him, fork in hand. You can check out the picture below.

It doesn’t appear like Prince Kaybee would force any of his kids to join him in the world of music. He apparently only wants them to know something about a field that has brought him fame and a small fortune.

The “Banomoya” chanter was reportedly deejaying for free at some point in his life. In the intervening years, though, he had morphed into one of the most visible voices in South African music. Maybe the son in this story just might follow in his steps. The coming days should have an answer to that. Stay tuned.

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