Prince Kaybee And DJ Maphorisa Continue Their Social Media Rivalry

The social media feud between Prince Kaybee and DJ Maphorisa reignites.

Award-winning South African producers, Prince Kaybee and DJ Maphorisa, seemed to have reignited their ‘beef’ again. This followed a tweet made by Prince Kaybee where he talked about music that is hitting the airwaves because of the popularity of the musician and not the actual talent.

Prince Kaybee and DJ Maphorisa have started a fresh social media feud this week. This was ignited by a tweet made by Prince Kaybee.

The ‘Gugulethu’ hitmaker, Prince Kaybee, tweeted about the coronavirus quarantine impact on music. He explained that music listeners will start to distinguish between the music that is popular because of the musician’s hype and the music that is popular because of its talent.

Prince Kaybee tweeted:

So I’ve realized that during this time, artists that depend on hype are gnna have a problem, the consumer has more time to stream and listen to TALENT…, not “did you hear ***** performed on top of a taxi” Hope you keeping safe and washing ur hands.

DJ Maphorisa responded to Prince Kaybee’s tweet by saying that his music is both.

iam not gnna have a problem n iam still hyped.

Prince Kaybee replied to DJ Maphorisa by saying:

If the shoe fits.

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