Prince Kaybee, Black Coffee And The Lure Of Private Jets

A little joke played out online just recently over the ownership of private jet. Prince Kaybee, a successful DJ and producer, revealed his desire of one day owing a private jet.

A fan of his informed him that his rival Black Coffee actually owns own. Black Coffee is one of the most accomplished DJs from South Africa right now if not the most accomplished. His network encapsulates who is who in global pop, from Drake to Jay-Z.

Well, Prince Kaybee, who has had sporadic supremacy battles with Black Coffee, indicated that he might not have a private jet right now but in the next ten years he would. Also, he added that just as Black Coffee is used as a point of reference right, he Prince Kaybee would be used as a point of reference as well, in the next decade.

You can check out the tweets below.

By the way, Prince Kaybee might not have a private jet right now, but he has some of the most desirable cars in Mzansi, from a G Wagon to… He has a well documented habit of modifying his vehicles for a faster road experience.

Well, what do you think, Humans of Mzansi?

John Israel A

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