Prince Kaybee Calls Out DJ Gukwa For Beating Up His Partner And Leaving Her To Bleed

South African disc jockey and producer Prince Kaybee has lashed out at fellow musician DJ Gukwa for assaulting his (Gukwa’s) girlfriend.

In a post on Instagram, the celebrated musician of the “Fetch your Life” fame had shared a picture of DJ Gukwa’s girlfriend Jackie Mcobothi showing her bleeding from her nose and mouth.

He described DJ Gukwa as an ego-driven and insecure bastard, while sympathizing with Jackie for her injuries. He stated that this generation of South African DJs must not adopt the same way of doing things as the apartheid DJs.

Jackie had, on her Instagram page, shared several images showing the injuries DJ Gukwa had inflicted on her. Her eyes, her lips, her legs, her hands… there were injuries virtually everywhere.

Detailing the tragedy that had befallen her, she stated that DJ Gukwa had abused her emotionally, physically and financially. But then, he would apologize the next morning after each assault and she would forgive.

She is puzzled the man she calls her partner, her friend and her love would inflict such on her. Now she is coming out as an abused woman so the world would know what has been going on in her relationship. See her post below.

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