Prince Kaybee: Dick Revelation Tosses Emtee At The Top Of The Trends

Just recently, a photo of Prince Kaybee’s pedunda popped online, provoking a mix of laughter and shock among social media users. The picture had apparently been released by Prince Kaybee’s side chick.

Somehow, the picture reminded the public of f a similar Рalbeit accidental expos̩. Years back, while Emtee was having an Instagram live session with his fans, he had gone into the rest room to take a leak. There, he accidentally pointed the camera in the direction of his member. The world saw and the world laughed. Some were shocked. Emtee had apologized for the accident then.

With Prince Kaybee’s side chick revealing his pedunda in a now deleted post, Mzansi social media denizens could only think of Emtee and the time he revealed his dick years ago.

The picture has been captured by Google and it can be found here.

That’s how Emtee popped at the top of the trends in Mzansi – with the revelation of Prince Kaybee’s pedunda.

It hasn’t been all embarrassing news the past weeks for Emtee, though. The songster had released his intensely anticipated “Logan” album, a project named for his son, and popped at No. 1 position on the Apple Music South Africa chart.

What do you think of Emtee trending following the leaking of an image of Prince Kaybee’s member?

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