Prince Kaybee Displays His Post-workout Biceps

Prince Kaybee shows off his biceps post-workout on Instagram

Prince Kaybee shows off his post-workout biceps in a recently shared Instagram photo.

Dont you just love it when the people who make the hits you love are also eye candy? We are sure the ladies drool over Mzansi disc jockey and music producer Prince Kaybee. The talented star always looks as good as the songs he delivers.

Of you follow him on Instagram, then you must have noticed some of the eye-catching photos he always shares to his page. That’s definitely for his fans to enjoy, and we’re sure that they always love it. He continues to serenade fans with beautiful photos everytime.

Taking to his Instagram recently, he shared a drool-worthy shot of his biceps which are perfectly marked with ink. The biceps seem pretty defined after a workout session which he affirms in the post’s caption. The ladies must be having the time of their lives staring are such perfection.

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