Prince Kaybee Escaped Death This Weekend

reveals he escaped death this weekend, and says it was scary.

Many wonder how it would feel to face death and come out unscathed. Some have been through that and stated that it is a memory that would never leave you. Now, is telling his own story.

In a post made on social media on Friday October 16, the talented hit maker revealed that he faced death and came out alive. According to him, he never expected what happened during the last lap of his race. He revealed he lost his brakes at the 6th corner of the last lap and the car couldn’t stop.

Because the brakes were too hot, it resulted in him flying off the track into the grass. It’s a miracle that he’s alive. The “Fetch Your Life” star revealed that the event was scary but the adrenaline rush was amazing. We’re grateful he’s fine.

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