Prince Kaybee Is Against The Idea Of Doing Free Live DJ Sets On TV During Lockdown

Prince Kaybee tells DJs to stop doing Live DJ sets on TV for free

Prince Kaybee tells fellow DJs to stop doing Live DJ sets on TV for free.

Leave it to “Fetch Your Life” hit maker, Prince Kaybee to say the things no one else will. You might as well call him the truth teller DJ. This time around, he’s coming for his fellow DJs, with good intentions of course.

Since the lockdown began, Television has been flooded with Live DJ sets to keep viewers entertained especially on weekends. While we thought the DJs were getting paid for the sets, it seems they’re not. Prince Kaybee recently shared some info on that when he warned fellow DJs to stop doing Live sets on TV for free.

After his followers questioned him about it, he took to the comments section to clarify. In his opinion, DJs dont have live shows to make money from. So, they mustn’t rely only on the exposure TV brings but should also have to earn a living during the Pandemic.

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