Prince Kaybee Joins In As Sol Phenduka roasts Ntsiki

Famous DJ and producer Prince Kaybee joins the fun as Podcast And Chill co-host Sol Phenduka roasts Ntsiki Mazwai.

We must confess that 2024 has been a delight so far. Celebrities have been coming for one another pretty hard, and we are all loving it. Popular DJ Cyan Boujee has been on a journey of revenge, taking down everyone who came for her.

The star was not having it when Podcast And Chill hosts MacG, and Sol Phenduka called her a prostitute. She puffed and raged and called Phenduka a “dark blue blob fat fish.”

Of course, that was enough to make fans laugh their hearts out. Ntsiki Mazwai joined in the laugh, agreeing with Cyan. She tweeted, “He totally does, respect Sesi Cyan.” She should have sat this one out because Sol did not let it slide.

The radio host brought up an old rumour about the poet and activist not liking to take a bath and wrote, “The one day ugeza, ugezela mna,” responded to her.

Prince Kaybee, who has always been a lover of chaos, chipped in, writing, “No wonder the amount of rain in Joburg.” Fans had a really good laugh and asked how they came up with those subs.

Prince Kaybee Joins In As Sol Phenduka Roasts Ntsiki 2

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