Prince Kaybee Mourns A Known Person Who Died Of COVID-19 Complications

Mzansi DJ and producer is not happy right now as the coronavirus has taken away someone dear to his heart.

He made this revelation in a recent tweet, stating someone he knew just passed away from coronavirus complications. He gave no name and no time of death. A revisit to his page showed that he may have taken down the tweet or changed its audience.

Whatever the case, the reality still stares the world in the face: the COVID-19 pandemic has not only disrupted the global economy, it has been zapping life from earth’s denizens. Thousands are already dead from the disease.

This shouldn’t be a cause for panic, though, as the WHO has indicated that people actually recover from the virus. And indeed there have been remarkable recoveries globally. So remain positive.

And while you hold to the letters of positivity, endeavour to follow health guidelines stipulated by local health authorities: avoid touching your face, wash your hands regularly, and use a hand sanitizer.

By the way, , who recently denied badmouthing Kabza De Small’s album, has got a facility in painting as well, as he revealed in late June to the excitement of his fans.

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