Prince Kaybee On DJ Black Coffee (Video)

“Fetch You Life” star Prince Kaybee has thrown more light on his relationship with fellow South African disc jockey and prouder Black Coffee, stating that while he recognizes Black Coffee as a leading figure in music, he doesn’t respect him.

Prince Kaybee spoke about his relationship with Black Coffee in a recent video interview. He describes respect and recognition as two different things, adding that Black Coffee has not earned his respect from a “very personal point.”

He thinks Black Coffee has excellent mixing skills. ¬†as a producer and creative, however, he doesn’t think Back Coffee has an impressive catalogue.

A beef erupted between Black Coffee and Prince Kaybee after the former defended his friend and fellow DJ Euphonik during a confrontation with Prince Kaybee. Fans had expected an amicable and quick resolution to the beef. It has escalated instead,

By the way, while Prince Kaybee may not respect Black Coffee, the celebrated DJ and producer is admired and respected by some iconic music figures like Jay-Z and Drake.

You may want to check out Prince Kaybee’s video interview below.

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