Prince Kaybee Opens Up About Overcoming His Cheating Past

Afro House hitmaker Prince Kaybee opens up about how he overcame his cheating past.

Prince Kaybee is one of the most honest celebs in Mzansi. A while back, the “Fetch Your Life” star was exposed for cheating on his girlfriend at the time, Zola Mhlongo. Prince Kaybee and Zola now have a child together, but their relationship has ended.

Taking to social media, the DJ opened up about how his cheating past affected him more than his girlfriend. He also came clean about finally overcoming it and moving past all of it.

“As someone who has cheated before, one person I couldn’t fool was myself, the self- distraction really came by manipulating the truth to suit myself. Those are really the dark days gents, trust.”

He also wrote on Threads, “Forgive yourself for all your mistakes and learn, self-pity is the last thing you should be doing.” His fans were proud of him for his honesty.