Prince Kaybee Releases Three New Singles Featuring ‘Amaphiko Ezono’ With Azana

Following the announcement of his 6th Studio album titled ‘Music Theory’ Prince Kaybee sets the mood with three lead singles. The songs include features from vocalist and songwriter Azana on ‘Amaphiko Ezono’ and ‘Inkumbulo’ and Starr Healer on ‘Oh Boy’.

Each single holds its own vibe as Prince Kaybee masterfully carves the song around each vocalist’s unique attributes. Azana and Starr Healer also do an excellent job at telling the story behind each song as they guide the listener into the world of ‘Music Theory’.

The focus single on the project is titled ‘Amaphiko Ezono’ which features Azana and is a heartfelt song that we can all relate to. Azana speaks about the heartbreak and disappointment she feels in her ex-lover as she invested all of herself in the relationship only for the person to give minimal effort. The song is easy to listen to and highly relatable as the music takes you through her painful journey.

Oh Boy’ with Starr Healer is a dance song all about love. In the song, we get to explore Starr Healer reminiscing on the first time she met the love she is showing infatuation towards but he just seems to be lost or confused as he seems to understand just how much love she has for him hence the verse “oh boy…you going around, around in circles” and she continues to push her love for him but he seems not to accept it.

Inkumbulo’ with Azana is all about seeking love from a special person but all you have are fond memories with hopes of them coming back to you. The title of the song is also unique in that it can be translated differently by each listener but whether you interpret it as ‘missing’, ‘remembrance’, or ‘memories’ this song is memorable for those that hear it.

These three singles set the tone for the album as you get to understand the journey of Prince Kaybee and the artists featured, the direction of his album, and what you can expect from the music pioneer as he shares this with many other acts across the country.

Pre-add Album:


  1. Mpendulo Feat. Bongeziwe Mabandla
  2. Oh Boy Feat. Starr Healer
  3. Amaphiko Ezono With Azana
  4. Inkumbulo Feat. Azana
  5. Rhythm Expression
  6. Hatau Tau
  7. Trap & Foshol
  8. Yimi Yena Feat. Robot Boiii & Peekay Mzee
  9. Euphony
  10. Fearless Feat. Pilani Bubu
  11. Yebo Feat. Peekay Mzee
  12. Amagabade Feat. Starr Healer
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