Prince Kaybee Rules Out Working With Black Coffee

A beef between or among celebrities is nothing new nor can it ever be completely ruled out. Where there is ego, there is bound to be conflict, and ego really never goes away. It isn’t all the time that people will be chummy, and sometimes, people would rather not resolve their differences.

This is a semblance of the reality between Prince Kaybee and Black Coffee, two of South Africa’s notable disc jockeys. The two have been at war for as long as one can remember, sporadically hurling grenades at each other. And there appears to be no peace in sight.

But is there a chance the two could bury their differences and work together? Prince Kaybee addressed that recently, burying the hope of many South Africans who want to settle their differences and perhaps drop a joint banger.

During a recent interview, he traced their difference years ago, when he claimed Black Coffee made false claims about his character despite not knowing him personally. He described the “Subconsciously” producer’s actions as “a bit off.”

Although he magnanimously conceded that he liked Black Coffee’s brand and that the producer inspires him, he ruled out the possibility of associating with him or working with him.

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