Prince Kaybee Says Twitter Woman Wouldn’t Last 20 Minutes in Bed With Him

Famous DJ and producer Prince Kaybee tells a woman on Twitter that she wouldn’t last 20 minutes in bed with him.

Prince Kaybee has been in the news for lots of reasons. The famous emcee is not only known for his musical talent but also for his looks and charisma. The ladies always swoon over him. He also has a past with several women.

The “Fetch Your Life” star kicked off the new year with a shocking interaction with a female fan on the X app. Kaybee has shared a handsome photo of himself, and the fan, @NolwaziMnisi8 replied, “Woman on top 20 minutes.” Replying to her comment, Kaybee told her she wouldn’t survive sleeping with him.

That was enough to get Netizens reacting. They flooded the comments, reminding him of his encounters with women, including Cyan Boujee. A fan opted to ask Cyan how good he was in bed.

Tashmika_Mngadi replied, “Cyan tried that before, now tampons are falling off stage Prince will drill a mine out of her.” @RodRheeLoaded also reacted, “A mere DM can take us straight to the penalties to settle the score. I’ll be supporting my brother.” @MalapJdk also replied, “I don’t enjoy that position, I want my man on top doing what he does best.”

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